World Beard Day

Happy World Beard Day (WBD) 2021! This holiday has been steeped in mystery, but over the last few years it has been gaining some stem with the growing popularity of facial hair. With some luck we’ll help make it less mysterious and try to explain this holiday and clear up some misconceptions.

What is World Beard Day?

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Men celebrate World Beard Day (WBD) internationally, certainly with the focus on the awesomeness of beards. Above all bearded men honor and celebrate all beard shapes, beard sizes and beard styles. Therefore, men with beards take the day to simply enjoy their beards.

On World Beard Day it is customary for bearded members of a family to not do any chores or work. In fact, in some traditions, beardless members of the family wait on the bearded members.

On World Beard Day, we celebrate famous bearded men and a variety of beard types. Consequently, these include Abraham Lincoln, Socrates, William Shakespeare, Black Beard, Santa Claus, and even the band ZZ Top.

When is World Beard Day?

Men started officially celebrating World Beard Day on the first Saturday in September since 2010. However, celebrating beards goes back millennia.

For instance, here are a few upcoming WBD dates:

  • 2022: Saturday, September 3
  • 2023: Saturday, September 2
  • 2024: Saturday, September 7
  • 2025: Saturday, September 6

Who Celebrates WBD?

Bearded men across the globe celebrate World Beard Day. Regardless whether you have a full luscious beard or the beginning of some scruff, this day is for you. On the other hand, the general public does not widely know about World Beard Day yet. Regardless it is an emerging day of celebration. However, many use the day to simply say “Happy World Beard Day” to their bearded friends. A simple “nice beard” also does the trick. Above all, some see shaving on WBD as a sign of disrespect.

Likewise some beardless men use WBD as the starting point for their own beard growth journey. If interested in growing out your beard for the first time (or again if it has been a while), make sure you check out our great beard articles and tips.

World Beard Day Activities

  • Check out some beard memes. We have a few already, but there are tons out there.
  • Tell beard jokes. For instance tell your friends your favorite beard jokes, and make sure you learn some new ones yourself!
  • Throw some axes. Throwing axes has become a very popular pastime. Find somewhere near you and throw those axes.
  • Cut down a tree. Having a beard doesn’t make you a lumberjack. But it doesn’t hurt either. Find an appropriate tree and cut it down.
  • Build a fire. Might as well use the tree you just cut down! Use your man skills to build and maintain a fire.
  • Eat some meat. Perhaps cook it on the fire you built from the tree you fell. Grilled meat is best.
  • Drink some beer. Wash that meat down with a cold one.
  • Change a tire. If you look like you can change a tire, expect someone to eventually call you on it. So get some practice.
  • Build a human pyramid. The current record is around 22 people.
  • Beardless piñata. Make a papier-mâché piñata that resembles a beardless man/boy, fill it with candy, and have at it.
  • Clean-chin darts. Tape a picture of a beardless man/boy to your dartboard and see who can hit the face with the most darts.
  • Pin-the-beard. Find a fake beard and chase a beardless friend/the guy who holds your jacket down and strap it on him so he can experience what being a man feels like.

World Beard Day Summary

To summarize, having a beard is fun every day, but each year bearded men throughout the world use the first Saturday in September to celebrate their beards.

If interested in growing a new beard or in helping your existing beard reach its potential, try our Beard Balm by Mossy Beard. Also make sure you check out our beard articles and tips. Finally, we’ve added a few recommended products and tools to help you on your beard journey.

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Mens Daily Multivitamin Supplement

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Hydro Flask Water Bottle World Beard Day

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