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Beard myths abound, but we’re here to help. To provide a clearer picture of what it means to have a beard, Mossy Beard is going to examine five of the most common beard myths. For many, having a full, manly beard is a fantasy. Throughout our history and in our culture, those with beards are often seen as more powerful, more attractive and wiser than those without beards. However, since not all men can achieve a great beard without some serious patience and dedication, some beard myths about beards have developed over time.

1st Beard Myth: Beard = No Job

We hear this one a lot from so many individuals. Certainly, some will say having a beard will make it harder to find a new line of work or at least limit your options to jobs like lumberjack, longshoreman or even Santa Claus. This may be the case if you show up at an interview or a meeting with a mangled unkempt mess of a beard. Stay clean, tidy, healthy and groomed, and this shouldn’t be an issue. Today’s modern work environment embraces diversity of thought and appearance.

If you have a longer beard, a good beard balm should help keep your beard hydrated and healthy. And it will help style and control your beard as well. Beard Balm by Mossy Beard is also 100% natural and organic. So it won’t damage your beard over time like some inferior products. Plus, it smells great.

Clearly there are a few businesses that transparently direct men to keep a shorter beard or not have one at all, so we’re speaking in increasingly broad terms here. At the end of the day, though, you have to ask yourself whether you are willing to sacrifice self-expression and personal style to conform to some rigid corporate expectations of what a “man” should look like. For most men interested in growing out their kick-ass beard, the answer is obvious.

Beard Myths #2: Itchy Face

This one is somewhat true. Yes, there will be a period during the beard growth process when you’ll have some beard tingle or beard itch. Basically what is happening is as your beard starts to grow out, the dry beard follicles jab and rub against your skin, causing irritation. When your beard is grown out to the favored length, though, you shouldn’t encounter any beard tingle. To avoid beard tingle altogether, try a quality beard oil in the early stages of beard growth. Beard oil will help moisturize your beard, which will make your beard follicles softer and less likely to irritate your skin. In addition, the beard oil will moisturize your face and neck, delivering relief.

On the off chance you find yourself suffering from beard itch once your beard is grown out, it could be an indication your skin and beard are somewhat dry. You could continue to benefit from some hydration to your beard and face. You may want to consider graduating your beard to some really good beard balm at this point. Beard Balm by Mossy Beard will not only lock in moisture, but it will help you style and protect your beard from the harsh environment. Insofar as you’re keeping your beard and skin saturated with a quality beard balm, you ought to be in the clear!

Beard Myths #3: It’s Easy to Grow a Beard

This statement is false. Each man’s genetic makeup is unique, and men will grow a beard at various rates, if at all. A few men are blessed with the ability to go full caveman inside a month or two. For other men, it could take a couple of years before they even have a full jaw blanket. There is no set-in-stone answer as far as to what extent it takes your beard to develop. It is up to you, your patience and dedication and your hereditary qualities.

Regardless of how long it takes your beard to reach your goal for it, you don’t have to wait for it to reach that goal for you to rock it like a superstar. Even beards that are just a couple of inches in length can benefit from quality beard balm. Beard Balm by Mossy Beard is made to be used daily, and it can help you style your beard the way you want it, taming unruly hairs and locking in hydrating, natural moisture that will help your beard reach its full potential. Plus it smells great and will help make your beard growth journey seem like a breeze.

Beard Myths #4: There’s a Magic Pill

There is no magic pill (or even a magic beard balm for that matter) for beard growth. That doesn’t stop many other companies out there from making false promises that their products will guarantee a thicker, fuller beard, though. Ultimately it’s up to your hereditary qualities and how well you nourish and nurture your body and beard.

While no beard oil or beard balm can cause your beard to grow, taking care of your beard with quality beard balm and beard oil will give your beard the nutrients it needs to grow to its fullest potential. If you use a quality beard balm, like Beard Balm by Mossy Beard, you will be able to lock in hydrating moisture that will help nourish your beard from the inside. Plus, the waxes in our beard balm help block out harsh, damaging environmental factors that may diminish your beard’s growth.

In the event no man in your family has ever been able to grow a full beard, however, chances are you’re unfortunately bound for the same fate. No pill, beard balm or beard oil is going to change that.

Beard Myths #5: Beard Care is Easy

Having a good-looking beard doesn’t happen by accident, and a majestic beard doesn’t just fall into place. It’s much the same as waking up each morning anticipating that your hair should look flawless. However, we realize you didn’t wake up this way.

Sporting a beard isn’t just about avoiding shaving, while that is one of the benefits, especially for those of us with sensitive skin. A beard is a testament to a man’s patience and his streak of independence. A refusal to stunt the natural growth of his body to confirm to a societal expectation.

Indeed, having a full beard does require a touch of grooming and general upkeep to keep it in tiptop shape. We’d say the bare minimum is keeping it clean by washing it when appropriate, brushing it out each day to keep knots at bay and remove any debris, and applying beard balm daily to lock in hydrating oils and protect your beard from harsh environmental factors. All this will help avoid your beard looking and smelling destitute. And as a bonus, it will keep the skin under your beard clean and healthy as well. On top of that, a good beard balm will smell great and help you shape and style your beard. All in all, expect to spend 5-10 minutes a day caring for your beard.

Beard Truth: Beard Balm by Mossy Beard

A well-maintained beard is a wonderful thing, but the five common myths above can keep some men from exploring their personal style and expression. However, just as each myth may have started with a kernel of truth behind it, each potential pitfall can be addressed with an appropriate beard care regimen that includes cleaning, brushing, nourishing and protecting your beard.

Make sure you consider a quality beard balm, like Beard Balm by Mossy Beard. Its 100% natural and organic ingredients will not damage your beard over time, and the natural and organic waxes found in Beard Balm by Mossy Beard will help protect your beard from harsh environmental factors. Plus, it’s help your style your beard, and it smells great.

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