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Summer beards are hot. Depending on your point of view, you will read this as a good thing (i.e. “hawtness“) or a bad thing. First, let’s expose a widespread misconception. Although you may believe the opposite to be true, a beard under the hot radiant rays of a summer sun doesn’t make you feel any warmer. Fortunately, a summer beard doesn’t act like a face mask. Barring situations when the sun’s hot rays beat down directly on your face, a beard rather acts somewhat like your own permanent little umbrella.

Origins of the Myth

A beard can keep you warm in the winter months Therefore, it’s easy to see how you could believe it will keep you warm during summer. However, this is the cause of the confusion. A beard keeps your face warm throughout the winter because it acts like a windbreaker. That winter beard blocks cold air and the cooling effect of wind and cool, moist air. A beard does not act like a sweater that traps warmth inside.

With that perspective in mind, you can think of a summer beard through the same lens. It doesn’t trap or generate heat, but rather keeps hot air out. In addition, a summer beard counteracts the sweltering sun’s rays beating directly down onto your face. So if your beard makes you feel warmer throughout summer, simply say to yourself that it’s only a misconception. That misconception is based on the idea that hair generates heat. It simply isn’t backed by science.

In any case, with summer comes both sweat and barbecue sauce, and there’s nothing we can do about that. These facts are like little summer evil spirits that torture us and with which we have to grapple. Regardless of whether you are fully bearded or clean shaven, sweating is a part of summer life. But as you will read, a beard can actually be an ally in your fight against perspiration.

Summer Beard Benefits

So, in the event you are as yet not persuaded you don’t have to shave your beard this summer. Here are five good reasons to stay bearded all summer (and all year) long.

A Summer Beard Can Keep You Cool

Whether you are bearded or not, you’ll sweat during summer, much the same as everyone. Remember, sweat originates from pores in the skin and not from the hairs. Accordingly, you’ll inevitably sweat into your beard. However, who said that is a bad thing? It can really work for you by cooling you off. Your beard functions the same as heat fins on a heat source, dissipating heat and energy away from your face. So during the next heatwave, you’ll be with your clean-shaven, sweaty companions who’ll be crying that it’s simply too hot. Meanwhile you’ll be there, chilling as your beard cools off your face and helps evaporate the sweat off more quickly. If you use beard balm with a fresh scent, like Mossy Beard Balm, you’ll also enjoy a pleasant aroma  

So next time a friend tells you you should be hot under that mane, you’ll have to answer “Nah, it’s much the same as a shade tree. It shields me from the breeze during winter and it shields me from the hot sun rays during summer.”

A Beard Can Protect You from Skin Cancer

On a more serious note, what if I told you beards can literally save lives during summer? You’d probably laugh at me and say I’m totally crazy. However, it’s a totally valid claim.

Recently, a report conducted by an Australian University demonstrated a beard can shield up to 95% of UV rays. Those same UV rays can potentially cause skin cancer and other diseases.

You are probably aware of the importance of securing your skin against UV rays. With that in mind, it very well may be a good thing to keep or grow a summer beard. If you want to give your beard a little extra protective power, consider Beard Balm by Mossy Beard. It’s protective, 100% natural and organic ingredients protect your beard and you from the harmful effects of direct sun.

There’s Nothing Like Wringing Out A Wet Beard

There is nothing in this world more pleasant than cliff diving and swimming in your own secret water hole. But there is one thing that may be just as good! The pleasure of wringing out a wet beard straight after an enjoyable swim.

Like any respectable man, you should say you’ve already wrung out your wet beard and you know the sensation. This is simply one of those things that should be on any man’s bucket list.

A Beard Grows Better During The Summer

This statement may be valid for the vast majority of men. In general, during summer, we tend to invest more energy outside. Taking part in physical activities and leading a healthier way of life.

This naturally increases the quantity of vitamins absorbed by our bodies and increases testosterone creation, which stimulates hair growth.

So truly, obviously, during summer, the beard growth is really streamlined.

Being In The Bearded Elite Has No Price

Despite that many grow a winter beard, it takes balls and personality to walk around with a yeard.

Given the situation, we salute each summer beard sibling. We welcome you to keep your beard all year long like the real badass you are.

You’ll see and feel it without anyone else’s input. Being in the bearded first class is just an unmatched sensation.

Bonus: Growing a Summer Beard Benefits & Tips

Research demonstrates that men’s beards come in faster during the warm summer months. As you’ll see, everything has to do with body science and the natural cycle of hormone levels.

Indeed, your beard will undoubtedly develop at a speedier rate during the long stretches of summer. The sun and warm weather trigger certain chemical changes in your body that help the facial hair growth.

Of course a healthy beard is a growing beard. So remember to keep your beard hydrated, protected and nourished throughout the year using a quality, organic and 100% natural beard balm.

Increased Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the male sex hormone that’s in charge of the rate at which your beard develops. It’s changed over into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that has an immediate impact on the thickness and completion of your beard as well as its growth rate.

Testosterone is at its most reduced in the male body throughout the winter months. Researchers don’t know exactly why, however it’s accepted that it has to do with the way our crude ancestors hindered their activity during the lean winter season. During the warm summer season, testosterone peaks. Because it peaks, more DHT is created which legitimately results in a faster-growing beard.

Increased Vitamin D Levels

Another thing that lifts the rate of growth of your facial hair is vitamin D. Vitamin D in generated in our bodies as we interact with the sun. If you’re spending at least fifteen minutes outside each day during the warm season, you should be getting enough vitamin D to get positive results. Vitamin D is necessary for your overall health, and it also makes your beard develop all the more rapidly. Along these lines, don’t forget to invest some energy outside this late spring. And, remember to put on that sunscreen to avoid skin damage!

3 Tips on How to Care for Your Summer Beard

Here, we’ll review some of the most effective methods to care for your beard during the summer for improved hair growth.

Since we know the ways wherein your beard develops all the more rapidly in the summer, it’s important to implement a few practices that will enhance that rate of growth considerably further.

Tip #1: Hydration is Key

Your beard needs to retain moisture with the goal for it to be healthy. Dry, dehydrated facial hair will wind up fragile and damaged, and hair that’s damaged won’t develop at a normal rate. In addition, serious exposure to the sun’s direct rays and dry, high heat can ransack your beard of moisture. In this way, get serious about those moisturizing products like beard oils and Beard Balm by Mossy Beard throughout the summer season with the goal that your beard remain as healthy as can be.

Tip #2: Natural Ingredients Always Win

With regards to picking your beard care products, always go with formulas that contain organic, 100% natural ingredients. Chemical fillers are harsh on your beard, stripping it of moisture and damaging it to the point that growth backs off. Meanwhile, plant-based oils hydrate your beard with the goal that it can develop at a healthy rate. As an added bonus, natural, organic ingredients tend to not irritate sensitive skin and will actually help keep it moisturized and healthy.

Lucky for you Beard Balm by Mossy Beard is made of organic and 100% natural ingredients that will hydrate, nourish and protect your beard.

Tip #3: Stick to a Healthy Diet

Another thing that impacts your testosterone levels is your eating routine. In the event that your eating routine is lacking in the correct supplements, your beard won’t develop at the rate you want it to. In this way, eat your leafy greens and consume enough protein to keep those testosterone levels high all year round.

At least, that’s what science says. Therefore,if you take extra good care of your beard during the hot months, you should be able to grow that beard nice and thick in time for those cold nights. And, remember to grab natural, 100% organic beard care products to take your beard game to the next level.

Summer Beard Conclusion: A Healthy Beard is the Key

During summer, our facial skin and beard are increasingly attacked by the sun’s harsh rays, and they can really damage an unmaintained beard. So always use the very best possible products when grooming your beard.

With harsh elements interacting with your beard during summer, it’s important to keep the entire thing oiled with a natural beard oil. For optimal protection, use a high-quality, natural and organic beard balm to lock in that moisture and protect your beard. By taking good care of your beard, it will take care of you.

Remember, A Healthy Beard is a Growing Beard.



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