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You may be asking “What does beard balm do to beautify beards?” Regardless of whether you like them or not, beards and facial hair in general are digging in for the long haul in one way, shape or another. Anybody who has grown a beard or mustache will attest to the work that goes into growing one. From moving beyond the peach fuzz stage, the itch stage and the various other stages, you’re going to need to give your facial hair some TLC to keep it looking tight and keep it healthy. That’s where beard balm comes into play.

At a basic level, beard balm acts as a leave-in conditioner that moisturizes, conditions, relaxes and helps style your mustache and beard. Most facial hair products contain shea butter for relaxing and moisturizing. Oil is added for molding and stimulating development. And a protectant, such as beeswax, is used to lock in moisture and lock out harsh chemicals. To protect your skin and beard, however, these basic ingredients should be 100% natural and organic. Some harsh products contain harmful chemicals and ingredients, which should be avoided.

Great balms are frequently scented with mixes of essential oils rather than formulated with synthetic scents. Synthetic, processed oils may smell ok. However, they often contain dangerous concoctions that can irritate sensitive skin and damage your facial hair. To make matters worse, these potentially dangerous oils can leave your facial hair dry and weak. Always check out the ingredients before applying to your face and facial hair.

Do I Need Beard Balm?

You may ask yourself, “is beard balm even necessary?” As with any beard care product, it comes down to individual taste and preference. Balm is just another item in any beard care arsenal that helps keep facial hair healthy, protected and moisturized. For new and more mature beards, keeping your beard healthy and moisturized is critical. Almost any man with facial hair will vouch it is difficult to develop and maintain a healthy mustache and beard. Therefore, try new products and techniques to figure out what works best with your facial hair.

What Does Beard Balm Do? How Does it Work?

Have you ever wondered what does beard balm do? Why do so many men claim it works so well on their beards? It acts as a leave-in conditioner for your facial hair. It moisturizes, conditions, styles and relaxes the whiskers on your face. Mossy Beard Balm contains naturally refined shea butter, as well as several natural oils, to help condition your skin and facial hair. Ingredients include virgin argan oil, golden jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, pumpkin seed oil, grapeseed oil and hempseed oil. In addition, Mossy Beard uses 100% pure white beeswax to lock in moisture and protect your beard. We combine these ingredients with pleasant-smelling, natural essential oils. They help advance beard and mustache growth. And they keep your facial hair healthy and smelling its best.

Beard Balm Ingredients

Craftsmen develop each recipe uniquely. However, they typically use four basic ingredients:

Let’s look at each of these basic ingredients and how Mossy Beard combines them.

Carrier Oils

Assuming you’ve investigated beard care products previously, you’ve probably come across carrier oils. Oils are for the most part are used to moisturize and feed the skin underneath your facial hair. Oils, such as virgin argan oil, golden jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, pumpkin seed oil, grapeseed oil and hempseed oil, can be found in Mossy Beard Balm.

The science behind carrier oils lies under the facial hair follicle in the sebaceous gland. This gland’s fundamental function is to release sebum oil, which keeps whiskers and skin moisturized and lubricated. It also helps skin from drying up and flaking off. Flaking causes the itch and discomfort associated with dandruff on your face, often called “beardruff.”

Essential Oils

Essential oils bear some moisturizing and growth properties. They also provide pleasing scents and aromas to your facial hair. Essential oils can be extracted from numerous sources, such as sandalwood, patchouli, lavender, lemon, citrus and more. There are many natural sources for essential oils, and combinations seem limitless.

The Mossy Beard Care Company offers an enjoyable combination of essential oils to deliver an aroma that this neither overwhelming nor unpleasant. Through a lot of trial and error, we crafted the best smell to deliver a balance between a clean, manly scent and attractive, enjoyable aroma. Mossy Beard’s satisfying scent lingers in your facial hair. It’s a gentle reminder throughout the day why having a beard is so great.


Beeswax has numerous incredible properties. It acts as a sealant and protectant for your facial hair, locking out damaging chemicals and environmental factors. Plus, it locks in other moisturizing ingredients and natural, healthy oils. Beeswax gives beard balm its form and determines how solid the balm is. However, it requires a delicate balance. Too little beeswax in relation to the carrier and essential oils, and the balm can take on a greasy or oily texture. That texture leaves your beard feeling (and looking) greasy and heavy. Add too much beeswax, and your beard balm may become stiff, brittle and hard to apply. It will flake off in your beard and mustache, giving the appearance of beardruff. Mossy Beard Balm, however, contains only 100% pure white beeswax. We found the perfect balance that is firm yet manageable.

Styling agent

Shea butter delivers malleablity. This natural product, extracted from the nut of the African shea tree, can be found in many high-end moisturizers and health products. Mossy Beard takes it up a notch by using only 100% naturally refined shea butter. Our shea butter is an excellent natural moisturizer. It also makes our beard balm a great product with which to style and shape your beard.

Applying and Using Beard Balm

It may seem intimidating, but applying beard balm is pretty straightforward.

  1. Simply rub your finger on the beard balm in a circular motion until you have a little balm on the tip of your finger. Some like to scrape out a dime-sized amount with their finger. The amount of balm you use should be determined by the length and thickness of your facial hair.
  2. Once you’ve scraped out the right amount (or a little less than you think you’ll need), gently work the balm between your fingers and palms. Your natural body heat will warm up and liquefy the balm, which melts at a temperature just below normal body heat.
  3. After the balm is warm and supple, apply it to your beard. Run your fingers and hands through your beard to evenly spread the balm.
  4. Style your beard by hand. For a more polished look, use a beard comb and/or brush.

Tip: It’s easier to add more beard balm to your facial hair than remove some. Start with just a bit and add more if needed.

Can I use Beard Balm with other Beard Care Products?

Short answer: Absolutely.

Long answer: Most men with facial hair need some kind of help to keep their beards surviving and thriving in various climates and environments. We recommend a daily regime to keep your beard fit as a fiddle. Gently wash it every day (or as needed), and dry it appropriately. Use balm to add and lock moisture back in to any dry areas.

Different schools of thought exist as to the best way to do the above. Some people object to using beard balm and beard oil at the same time. The hypothesis behind the objection is beard balm, which is comprised largely of beeswax, and beard oil don’t mix well. They also claim the scent can be affected when combined. These could be valid points, but in our experience this has not been the case.

So, What Does Beard Balm Do? Great Things if You Use the Right One!

As with most things, beard balm is handy if you know how to use it correctly. Used properly, a well-made beard balm, like Beard Balm by Mossy Beard, can keep your facial hair healthy, moisturized and growing. It can also help keep your skin under your beard in tiptop shape. Once you understand the ingredients that go into beard balm, their intended functions and how to use beard balm, you’ll be ready to treat your beard. For best results, stick with beard care products that are 100% natural and organic, like Mossy Beard Care Products. As we always say, A Healthy Beard is a Growing Beard!

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