5 Tips on Beard Growth

We have some important tips on beard growth. Now that you’ve grown a ravishing beard, the next part is to keep it clean, well groomed and healthy. First of all, there are dozens of reasons to maintain a beard regimen. The best reason is the hygiene of your beard. That is to say, like any other part of your body your beard needs special attention, and quality beard-care products can help. No one wants an ungroomed, smelly, itchy and unkempt beard. Hence, it will keep others away from you and turn off most of them.

Why You Need Tips on Beard Growth

Growing a thick and full beard was a daunting task, but keeping it groomed doesn’t have to be as large of a challenge. All you need is 10 to 15 minutes of your time to see awesome results. Here are five super tips that will help take your beard grooming to the next level.

1st Tip on Beard Growth: Select a Beard Style

Not everyone can grow a beard, let alone a thick, full beard. Facial hair is solely dependent on genetics and the shape of your face irrespective of the fact that you are naturally hairy or possess thin hair. The essence of growing a beard is a style and fashion statement. Therefore, you want a beard that complements your features and the shape of your face. To review some cool beard styles to see what might work best for you, check out our Awesome Beard Types and Styles article.

2nd Hack: Keep Your Beard Super Clean and Moisturized

A clean beard prevents itchiness and keeps the hair soft. So, if you are in the process of growing your beard, keeping it well moisturized and clean is essential. If you do not wash it thoroughly and condition it, there is a chance it will turn wiry and dry. That in turn leads to the feeling of itchiness that leads to shaving the beard off and giving up in the end. No one wants that. Therefore, we suggest a good beard shampoo to clean your beard. And to avoid a wiry beard, a quality beard balm, like beard balm from Mossy Beard, or some beard oil, will do. It will keep your beard moisturized, and a quality beard balm can even turn a wiry beard soft and supple.

3rd: Invest in Proper Beard Tools

Professional barbers use professional-grade tools to ply their trade and make your beard look great. However, most people can’t go to a professional barber on a daily basis. It would simply cost too much time and money. However, with some good-quality tools, though, you can keep your beard looking sharp. A beard trimmer is the basic tool, and most people say a cordless trimmer works best. A trimmer helps maintain the faded look and works best when you need a quick touch-up. So, beard scissors and a beard comb are other essential tools.

4th: Do not Trim a Wet Beard

Cutting a wet beard is a big mistake because you may end up cutting more than you intend. For that reason, before trimming your beard make sure it is dry, and decide exactly how much you want to trim.

5th Hack on Beard Growth: Maintain a Healthy Diet

As a part of your body, your beard is dependent on the food you eat. Adopt a healthy, well-balanced diet plan, and include Omega-3 in your diet for a healthy and thick beard. Plus, you’ll have more energy and possibly lose some weight!

The Best Beard Growth Hack

In the end, not everyone has the genetic blessing to grow a healthy and thick beard. However, if you are blessed with a beard and you wish to stand out and look good, it is essential to take good care of your beard and maintain it. And there is no better way to care and maintain your beard than keeping it clean, hydrated and protected from harsh chemicals and the environment. Beard Balm by Mossy Beard is 100% natural and organic, and it is made in the USA. Our quality beard balm will help you keep your beard clean and hydrated, locking in natural nutrients that will help your beard grow.

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