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It’s natural to wonder what beard balm is for. If you haven’t noticed, beards are in, even in the midst of mask wearing. Big time. On the other hand, those massive, full fields of face follicles usually don’t happen overnight. It takes some intentional TLC to develop and maintain a solid and healthy beard. That healthy TLC regimen that you use to take such good care of your beard ought to include a quality-made beard balm.

Ingredients Act as a Beard Conditioner

Beard balm can be thought of a leave-in conditioner that saturates, conditions, mellows and helps style your facial hair. But it’s even better than that. Most balms contain a base, such as shea butter for relaxing and saturating your beard. They also contain oils, such as sweet almond oil, which are used for revitalizing your beard and fostering the right conditions for growth. And a protectant, such as beeswax, is used in to seal in moisture. It also protects your beard from the harsh environment. The aim of these components is to keep your beard safe and happy. They also make beard grooming easier and more productive. And when you use a quality product that is naturally and organically based, it will not damage your beard.

Good beard care products use a mix of natural, essential oils to deliver nutrients and pleasing scents to your beard. Avoid low-quality products that use cheaper synthetics instead. Bad balms use artificially engineered oils produced to mimic a natural scent often contain toxic chemicals, and they may be alcohol based. These toxic ingredients can irritate your skin, and the alcohol can leave your beard progressively drier and more fragile over time. The ingredients are important, so make sure you read them on the back label of your product before thinking of buying it.

What is Beard Balm for? Treating Beardruff.

If you have ever had to deal with beardruff, a condition similar to dandruff but for your beard, you know if can be uncomfortable and unsightly. It is a leading cause of the dreaded beard itch. Above all, beardruff is caused by dry skin.

Our skin naturally produces an oil called sebum oil, which helps keep your skin hydrated naturally. However, as you grow your beard, the beard hairs absorb some of that sebum oil. Depending on how much sebum oil your face naturally produces, your skin will eventually dry out as the rate of production lags behind the rate of absorption.

Once your skin dries out it will begin to flake and become irritable. The longer the hair follicle the quicker it dries out. And that is how beardruff is born.

The ingredients in a good quality beard balm, such as shea butter and carrier oils, do a great job moisturizing your beard and the skin under your beard. That’s one of the main things beard balm is for. While beard balm isn’t made of sebum oil outright, it does contain natural ingredients that resemble the oil your skin creates naturally.

Beard Balm is for Hydrating

A good-quality product not only moisturizes your skin, but also hydrates the beard itself. Its natural ingredients stimulate beard follicles and infuse facial hair with natural oils that lock in hydrating moisture. In addition to moisturizing the skin, beard balm’s ability to hydrate the hair follicle strengthen your beard and help it grow to its full potential.

Above all, make sure you only use products made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, though. Some inferior products contain harsh chemicals that will dry out your beard and strip it of its natural oils. Stick with something like Beard Balm by Mossy Beard to ensure you help your beard.

What is Beard Balm for? Also Protection.

Beards offer a man a lot of things. A great look. A manly appearance. Even protection from harsh environments. Cold weather, dry air, wind, rain, sun exposure and chemicals in the air are all filtered out by your beard, protecting your face and neck. However, many of those harsh elements can damage your beard.

A good quality beard balm in turn protects your beard! Natural ingredients, such as organic beeswax, create a protective layer around each hair, locking in nutrients and blocking out those harsh chemicals and environmental factors.

Makes Styling a Breeze. And Smells Great.

In addition to all the other benefits, beard balm makes styling even the most unruly beard easier. Ingredients such as shea butter and beeswax provide weight and firmness to your beard. This firmness and weight in turn allow you to comb and brush your beard to the style you want. Beard balm also keeps your beard style locked in place. (Never resort to things like hairspray!)

A good quality product also smells great. Beard Balm by Mossy Beard is infused with Citrus, Cedar and Patchouli scents to create a pleasant aroma.

How to Apply Beard Balm

It’s easy to apply balm. Here are the general steps that should take just a few minutes to protect your beard and help it look incredible.

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to Apply Beard Balm

  1. Start with a good amount.

    The exact amount will depend on the size and thickness of your beard. Remember, it is easier to add more than take some away.
    Step 1 - Applying Beard Balm - Start with a good amount - Mossy Beard

  2. Gently rub the product between your fingers to warm it up and liquefy it with the heat from your hands.

    A good beard care product smells great at this step!
    Step 2 - Applying Beard Balm - Rub the Beard Balm - Mossy Beard

  3. Apply the warm balm to your face.

    Some people prefer to start at the neck and work up. Then, they reverse course and run their fingers through the beard with the beard balm, from top to bottom. Others do the reverse and start with beard balm at the top of the beard and work down.

    Step 3 - Applying Beard Balm - Apply the Warm Balm to Your Face - Mossy Beard

Either way, the idea is to spread it all the way down to the hair roots. That way the beard balm help sustain your beard hair and facilitate healthy growth. Normally, it is recommended that you apply beard balm to a clean, dry beard.

The Answer to What is Beard Balm for

Whenever applied effectively and regularly, beard balm will keep your facial hair healthy, solid and glossy and help you develop that long full beard you’ve been progressing in the direction of. Avoid poor-quality beard balms that can have damaging effects on your beard. Instead, stick with natural, organic products, like Beard Balm from Mossy Beard that will help your beard thrive and grow. Remember, a Healthy Beard is a Growing Beard!

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