About Mossy Beard

Before you purchase from us, you should know a bit about us. The  Mossy Beard Company was officially founded in 2018, but it was in the works well before that time.

We had the same problem most bearded men eventually face: finding a healthy, aromatic and cleansing alternative to harsh chemicals and additives found in most beard care products.

At first we tried many different beard balms on the market. We even tried applying just coconut oil and other ingredients, with the goal of minimizing potentially damaging chemicals. However, our search for a quality, natural and organic beard balm came up empty, even after months of trial and error.

In response to that search, we created Beard Balm by Mossy Beard. We found that many beard balms, beard oils and beard care products were clones of other men’s care products. Or they contained chemicals that damage a healthy beard over time. And if a solution did not strip beards of their natural oils and strength, it smelled horrible or was greasy.

Therefore, we started producing our own beard balm with the mission of providing a quality, natural product that will not harm your face or beard. In fact, our beard balm can actually help your beard grow to its fullest by keeping it clean, hydrated and protected.

More Than Just Beard Balm

We know beards

In 2016 we started using homemade solutions, starting with simple, organic coconut oil. While coconut oil did not damage beards, it did not help style them, and we wanted something that smelled great. So we experimented with scents and ingredients, eventually developing a healthy alternative that makes beards healthy, moisturized, easy to style and smell great.

We hope you love our products and they help your beard. If you have feedback, message us.

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