Beard Balm by Mossy Beard

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  • 100% natural and organic
  • Moisturizes, nourishes and protects your beard so it grows
  • Adds hold to your beard to make styling easier
  • Attractive 2-oz tin

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The Best Beard Balm Available

Take your beard care to a whole new level. Above all, our beard balm is made from all-natural and organic ingredients. These ingredients help tame your unruly beard while giving it the nutrients it needs. As a result it makes it easier to shape and style your beard. And our ingredients penetrate to your skin to moisturize and protect your face. Most importantly by taking care of your beard and face, you’ll promote your beard’s natural growth and health over time. So it stays beautiful and manageable.



We handcraft our beard balm, beard oil, beard wash and other beard care products. Firstly, we use all-natural and 100% organic food-grade ingredients. Therefore, our products are easier on your skin and beard. They are less likely to cause the irritation that some cheap, chemical balms cause. And they keep your beard clear of damaging artificial chemicals that can leave your beard rough and brittle. Secondly, our high-quality oils, butters and beeswax are sourced from reputable, sustainable providers. They share our commitment to quality, value and safety. As an added bonus, organic beard care products are the environmentally friendly choice.



A healthy beard is a beautiful beard. Our beard balms nurture your beard’s natural growth and makes styling easier and more pleasant. It’s easy to apply and dries to a soft, manageable firmness that still feels supple. You’ll even notice conditioning the skin and hair adds a healthy shine. And our perfect balance between hydration and holding power gives you style with a light hold. It leaves your beard looking its best all day. And for added moisturizing, use beard oil before your beard balm to lock in hydrating oils.  Beard wash provides a gentle cleanse that won’t dry out your beard or skin.



Beard Balm is the foundation to a good beard grooming regimen. That foundation should also include a quality beard wash and beard oil. There are many health benefits offered by a good beard balm. For example, a good beard balm will add weight and manageability to your beard. So you can tame flyaways and control any wild and bushy beard. It will helps soften, condition and repair any dry splitting hair, and it nourishes new growth.  A good beard balm makes shaping and styling your beard easier. It also makes working with your beard throughout the day easier and more enjoyable.



The all-natural ingredients found in our beard balm feed and moisturize your beard. They protect your beard from damaging environmental factors, such as heat, recycled air and dryness. The nutrients found in natural beeswax, oil and butters will sustain your beard. They will leave it feeling full, soft and healthy. In addition to leaving your beard looking and feeling healthier, it will moisturize the skin under your beard. Beard balm also reduces dry, itchy skin. As our balm protects and conditions your face, you will notice less irritation and less beard dandruff.



Keep your beard and skin healthy and happy. That will give your body and face the building blocks to grow a healthy, rich and luxurious beard. Your beard will grow stronger, replacing split ends with thicker, strong hair that lasts longer and looks better.



Beard Balm by Mossy Beard currently comes in a fresh scent any man would love. Citrus, Cedar & Patchouli: A fresh, urban scent consisting of citrus, cedar and patchouli, with a touch of sugar



Our products are handcrafted in the USA by beard aficionados who understand the needs of bearded men. In fact, we are bearded men ourselves. We developed (and use!) what we sell because we wanted the very best products for our own beards. We couldn’t find products that met our exacting standards on the market, so we made them ourselves.

Our beard balm:

  • Smooths and softens your beard
  • Helps shape and tame unruly beards
  • Soothes beard itch
  • Eliminates beard frizz
  • Styles your beard without the greasy finish

Our balm is specially formulated with the highest quality oils, butters and beeswax. These ingredients seal in moisture and give your beard the hold it needs. This special combination tames your beard, leaving it smooth and soft without looking greasy. Get the perfect manly beard while caring for your skin.

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