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A beard fade is a relatively new phenomenon. In caveman days growing a beard was so easy. Basically all you needed to do was avoid being something’s lunch and watch your beard grow. And you could grow it as long as you wished: just on your chin, down your neck or all the way to your chest. No one was concerned about the length of your beard, and keeping a neat shape and style were not considerations. Things are pretty different now. Most men want a beard fade that looks tailored to their face, instead of an unkempt or wild one. Some consider an unkempt beard a sign of laziness rather than a sign of manliness. While some still prefer a more natural, rugged look, it’s a good idea to keep the fur on your face in check with a nice beard fade.

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Beard Fade Trimming Tools

The actual trimming to get a beard fade is just one part of the process. Chiefly, to maintain a healthy and groomed beard, make sure you have the proper tools first. Here are a few we have found that make the process so much easier.

  • A good quality brush or comb to help detangle your beard. It is important to get rid of any knots and tangles in your beard. A wide-tooth comb works best.
  • For trimming your beard, you need high-grade clippers. Cordless beard clippers are convenient, but your clippers do not need to be battery operated. In fact, some men prefer corded beard clippers because they feel they provide more power and deliver a consistent cut.
  • Fine detailing after a trim can be done with beard scissors. Smaller scissors are great to for getting in tight.
  • And once you’ve sculpted your beard fade to the perfect shape and length, keeping it soft, healthy and supple can be achieved with quality beard products, like Beard Balm by Mossy Beard.

6-Step Beard Fade Process

Now let’s start with the beard fade process:

  1. The first step is to comb your beard properly. Comb all your beard hair in one direction by combing through the entire beard, including your mustache and the area between your chin and throat.
  2. Next, break out the beard clippers. Clipper guards are great if you want to maintain a short-to-medium-length beard, up to about 2” long. For longer beards, use your beard clippers without a guard, along with a comb, to cut and shape your beard. Go slow and cut with the “grain” to get the shape you desire. Remember, take your time and cut sloooooow. You can always go back and cut more if needed, but it doesn’t work the other way around.
  3. Cheeks and neck fading requires a smaller clipper guard if you are using them. If not, gradually fade your beard from the longer length to the shorter. Again, cut with the grain and go slow.
  4. Mustache trimming requires shaping the top and evening out the bottom. Some men follow up with a razor to clean up stubble on the skin. Some men like their mustache off the lip, and some like it hanging over the lip. Find the style you like and make the cut line nice and crisp!
  5. Next, detail with some trusty beard scissors. Get rid of any stragglers and even out any imperfections.
  6. Finally, after cleaning up apply a quality beard balm, like the one offered by Mossy Beard, or some beard oil, which Mossy Beard will be making available in the next few months. Either way, this will keep your beard from itching and drying. Moreover, you beard will remain healthy. 

Beard Fade Tips

  • Make sure your beard is clean but dry when you start the trimming process. A dry beard will give you a better glimpse into the actual length of your beard.
  • A solid pair of beard clippers is a must. Also, invest in a quality pair of beard scissors that will give you a crisp cut. The few extra dollars you spend on these tools will provide a nicer cut, make the process easier and faster, and they will be more durable and last longer.
  • Every brand of beard clipper guard measurements is different, just like sizes from different brands of clothing and shoes fit differently. If using a new clipper or you are unsure, start with the higher guard and move down.
  • While trimming the underside of the beard does not forget to stretch out your skin. Otherwise, your neck skin will bunch together and you will injure your neck.
  • Finally, use a razor to sharpen your neckline. A crisp neckline will give your beard definition and finish.

With these tips, you should be able to pull off a beard fade with little problem. Be prepared for some trial and error, though. Just like your head hair requires special attention, so does your beard. Keep these essential tools at hand, and trim your beard like a pro.

Finishing the Beard Fade

Once you’ve trimmed up and faded your beard, you will want to help it looks its best. Above all, a quality beard balm, like Beard Balm by Mossy Beard will help you shape and define your beard, even if your beard fade isn’t crisp and you’re in between beard trims. Our natural and organic ingredients protect and nourish your beard so it can grow to its full potential, and our beard balm also helps tame flyaway beard hairs.

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