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Just about every beard care product has a time and place. But often you will find it difficult to discern the right one to use. “Do I use beard balm vs oil” is a common question when deciding on a beard care product. Hopefully this article sheds some light on the beard balm vs oil debate!

Beard Balm vs Oil Debate

The debate over beard balm vs oil has raged for years. Let’s step back and consider why this choice makes a difference. First of all, you may be asking what do we mean when we say there’s a correct time and place to use certain products like beard balm or beard oil?

Certain beard care products give you the best results when you use them at the correct time of day for their intended application. For example, using a delicate beard shampoo and conditioner to gently clean and hydrate your beard while showering before styling makes sense. Using that same delicate product to get rid of grease and grime may not.

No Hard Rules

No hard and fast rules exist when considering whether to use beard balm or beard oil. But there are some tips we can give. The exact hour of day you apply your beard balm vs oil doesn’t make a major difference, obviously. However, what does make a difference are other factors, such as which activities applying beard balm or beard oil follows (or precedes) and how frequently you use beard balm or beard oil.

For example, you want to use Beard Balm by Mossy Beard directly after a shower. Applying beard balm directly after a shower makes sense because Beard Balm by Mossy Beard will lock in moisture and protect your beard from harsh environments. Applying beard oil directly after a shower when your beard is still wet, will leave you with a greasy mess. If you haven’t fully dried your beard, excess water in your beard may repel oil. And your beard will miss out on the healthy nutrients Beard Oil by Mossy Beard provides. Once your beard is dry, though, infuse your beard with some quality beard oil.

Role of Skin Type When Deciding Beard Balm vs Oil

Another variable to contemplate is skin type. Is your skin dryer than run of the mill? Or is it naturally moisturized and sleek? Do you like your facial hair to have a sparkly appearance? Or do you favor a matte finish? Do you work in an industry that supports (or even encourages) deviations from what is expected? Are you in an office all day? Or are you mainly outside all day?

Beard Balm vs Oil Ingredients Matter

Use Mossy Beard products, made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, throughout the day depending on your own preferences. However, it important to note we formulated beard balm, beard oil and beard wash by Mossy Beard have as part of a larger beard regime.

Whether you use beard balm or oil make sure your entire beard and the skin beneath are taken care of. We utilize the best carrier oils for this reason. Carrier oils act as your main oils. And you can add aromas with essential oils like jojoba, almond, coconut and argan oil.

We add essential oils, strong oils extracted from certain plants, in the manufacturing process. These essential oils benefit your hair and skin, and certain combinations create very pleasant scents.

Use Both?

The short answer: Use both! For most men, we recommend using beard oil and beard balm. That ensures your facial hair never dries out and winds up weak. Keep in mind, fragile beard hair easily parts and breaks. Why grow a beard at all if it’s simply going to break off and look bad?

Beard Balm by Mossy Beard moisturizes your facial hair. Its all-natural lightweight formula makes it ideal for all beard types. Normal, oily, dry, combination, coarse, delicate and patchy beards benefit!

What Beard Oil does

Beard oil is the classic, go-to oil-based beard and facial hair conditioner. Typically at least one carrier oil and a combination of essential oils make up beard oil. Since essential oils are concentrated, you needn’t apply a lot to get the full advantage of their vitamins and supplements.

At Mossy Beard, we use a top notch carrier oil mix, which addresses many normal beard and skin issues. One of our favorite oils to use in our products is argan oil. Men know argan oil lessens inflammation, treats acne and reduces ingrown hairs.

Pro Tip 1: The small fibers found on a Boar’s Hair Brush help clean your facial hair while also helping spread beard oil throughout.

What Beard Balm does

The greatest difference between beard balm vs oil is the balm contains shea butter and beeswax. Balm also contains carrier oils (like jojoba oil) and essential oils. One major issue that requires the use of beard balm is stray, wild hairs flying out in all directions. The solid, 100% natural beeswax found in our beard balm helps hold the hair down. It works in the same fashion hair-gel does to your hair.

Wild hairs in your beard exist for several reasons. Dry skin under your beard causes uncontrollable stubbles. Theses hairs produce lighter, drier and way coarser beards than expected. When somebody complains about a bothersome beard, blame dry skin.

Pro Tip 2: If you travel a great deal, you might want to keep beard balm handy. Good beard balm usually comes in a tin under the TSA’s 3.4-oz limit on travel-sized liquids.

Try to Avoid

Avoid unhealthy, weak and fragile facial hairs. Beard hair can develop in an odd way naturally, regardless of its. Everybody is unique, and that also means each of us can have an extraordinary beard. It’s actually an extremely easy, straightforward procedure to help push hair to grow a certain way. You can do this with Beard Balm by Mossy Beard very easily.

Best Time to Use Beard Oil

We recommend beard oil right after a shower. Use beard oil whenever you please, especially if you apply a natural and organic beard oil, like Beard Oil by Mossy Beard.

The warm water and steam open your pores, and this is great for a couple of reasons. First, it clears out your pores. Second, at that time your pores easily absorb beard oil. We use non-comedogenic oils, so your pores won’t clog. This means they won’t stop up your pores and cause breakouts.

Remember, whether you prefer beard balm or beard oil, use natural products liberally. But steer clear of beard care products full of synthetic ingredients that damage your beard over time.

Best Time to Use Beard Balm vs Oil

Use a touch of beard balm right after you have showered and after you have applied some beard oil as the best way to combat beard styling and hydration issues. Once you have dried your awesome beard, you should be good to go.

Do not massage the beard balm into your skin, though. Your pores are open from the warm water and steam in the shower. If using Beard Balm by Mossy Beard, though, it’s okay if you apply our beard balm and massage it into your skin. We made our beard balm specifically for beard health. We use 100% natural and organic ingredients, which moisturize and protect your skin as well. Any time you shape your beard, tame those wild hairs or simply want to keep your beard saturated all day, apply Beard Balm by Mossy Beard.

Beard Balm Ingredients Matter

The shea butter and beeswax really get into your hair and keeps it shaped and molded. Your beard will stay put much longer than if you use just shea butter because of the wax content. This also means you only have to use a small amount to shape your beard.

Our wax content also prevents any dirt, garbage and grime from getting caught in your beard. Ironically, getting particles stuck in your beard can lead to a dried out beard. Beard Balm by Mossy Beard protects your beard while helping you style it, so don’t hesitate to get in there and push down those stray hairs.

Beard Balm vs Oil Length Considerations

The ideal beard length to utilize beard balm or beard oil is actually any length. On the off chance you are starting to grow out your beard, beard oil functions admirably in the shorter phases. Beard oil mitigates beard tingle with shorter beards, You’ll see really good results with your really long beard as well (just requires more beard oil). Beard balm is best for medium to long length beards. In certain cases your short beard will love some beard balm, especially when shaping. And for those with longer beards, the question isn’t whether to use beard balm vs oil, but how much beard balm vs oil to use. Using both is a great idea.

Carrier Oils

Use the characteristics of carrier oils found in beard balm and beard oil to relax and hydrate your beard and the skin underneath. Quality beard balm, like Beard Balm by Mossy Beard, and beard oil can be used together. Just make sure they are non-comedogenic. That means they won’t obstruct your pores, which lead to breakouts. Remember, keep the focus on beard balm vs oil, not beard care vs pimples.

Why Choosing Matters

Folks use beard balm and beard oil more now than any other time in recent memory for tons of reasons. The most well-known issue generally speaking is that facial hair will in general be really coarse and dry. And with the increase in facial hair popularity, the need for beard balm vs oil is even more pronounced.

Between washing your face, regular shampoo and certain elements, like dry or chilly climate, your skin underneath your beard gets really dry as well. This can lead to inflammation, weak hair, flaky skin or even beard dandruff. At the point when you start encountering these issues it really can negatively affect hair growth.

Why Use Beard Oil

What beard oil does specifically is it coats and moisturizes your facial hair and skin. Since beard oil can be packed with supplements and protein, which is what your hair and skin need to grow and thrive, beard oil calms and tames your skin and beard. And since a healthy beard is a growing beard, beard oil can facilitate better beard growth.

Why Use Beard Oil

Beard balm works in a fundamentally the same fashion as beard oil. In any case, where beard oil works great for beard of all lengths, balm is best with longer beards. There is no exact length requirement however usually 3”-4” of beard length is a good starting point to utilize beard balm.

Most beard balms are made with delicate butters, oils and usually something all the more firm like beeswax. The amount of beeswax is really what drives the firmness of the beard balm (for example how hard it is to extract from its container) and it also affects the holding power of the beard balm itself. An appropriate beard balm ought to be delicate enough to be removed from its tin easily, but also provide enough holding capacity to keep a great deal of stray hairs at bay.

Change the Way Your Beard Feels

Keeping your beard protected and hydrated will change how your beard feels. A ton of beards will in general be dry when not utilizing any beard balm vs oil and feel exceptionally coarse and weak. Utilizing these products will eliminate these dryness issues, regardless whether it is beard balm vs oil.

Natural and organic ingredients, such as shea butter and beeswax found in Beard Balm by Mossy Beard, are exceptional at feeding your beard. Beard balm works similarly to oil as the two of them hydrate and condition your beard hair while giving necessary vitamins and supplements for appropriate hair care and growth.

The real advantage of utilizing shea butter in our beard balms is that it has been utilized for years by all walks of hairy-life to make beard hair appear fuller and thicker. It makes a fine showing of sticking to hair strands, cushioning them up and thickening them. It’s also probably the best butter you can use for your beard hair as far as shaping goes.

A major mistake that’s made frequently is that strong coconut oil is utilized in too many beard balms. We never utilize strong coconut oil because of the high saturated fat substance. This is known to stop up pores, making the entire procedure of cleaning your beard and skin underneath your beard useless. Those pores just got stopped up all over again because of that strong coconut oil! Other than utilizing a beard trimmer, utilizing beard balm still remains your best choice.

Beard Balm vs Oil Conclusion

Pro Tip 3: If you’re looking for a shiny finish while utilizing beard oil and beard balm, apply the beard oil first. After you’ve worked in the oil, add the beard balm and style.

There’s a time and a place for everything. What we learned at Mossy Beard is that the most important time to apply certain beard care products relies upon what your issue is. There has been tons of debate over beard balm vs oil, but as we’ve learned, you don’t have to choose just one.

The general standard when thinking about beard balm vs oil is to give the beard oil a chance to absorb first. Then follow up with some beard balm for some hold and powerful beard shaping. By using both, you can flip the beard balm vs oil question on its head and instead ask how to best use beard balm vs oil.

At the end of the day, though, simply make sure to take care of your beard the best possible way. Your beard will thank you.

And remember, a healthy beard is a growing beard!

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