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Before we get into how to use beard balm, let’s explore why a man would want to apply balm to their beard. Above all, what purpose does it serve?

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned pro or an amateur, this discussion will definitely answer some commonly asked questions. The good news is you do not have to whip out a science book to understand what balm does. Or how the thickness and length of your facial hair affects the amount of balm to use. We will help you find the perfect amount you require on your beard and steps to apply this sheer magical stuff.

Should You Make Your Own Beard Balm?

Making your own product from natural ingredients you know are healthy and won’t damage your beard is a natural inclination. We went down the same route because we could not find something that was 100% natural and organic. As a result, we’ve made available an easy beard balm recipe for do-it-yourselfers. Or, if you prefer not to have to deal with the mess and waste associated with making your own, feel free to check out Beard Balm by Mossy Beard. It’s the best product on the market, and it is guaranteed to satisfy.

Benefits of a Good Beard Balm

A quality product can make your beard smell, look and feel spectacular. You will experience less flaking and itching as your skin absorbs the balm. In addition, a good product will help you groom your beard, adding weight, firmness and hold. It will help maintain the overall health of your beard. If possible, include it in your daily beard maintenance. The right balm acts like an apple a day for your face!

How Much Balm to Use

The ideal amount of balm is truly subjective, based on your own preferences. The best way to find the right amount for you is through trial and error. Likewise, you don’t need to aimlessly try different amounts of balm until you find the right amount for your facial hair. A small, dime-sized blob is the perfect quantity to apply on your beard to start. Besides, you can add more if needed.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to Use Beard Balm: Step-by-step

  1. Start clean and dry

    First of all, start with a clean and relatively dry beard. If it is slightly damp to the touch, that’s fine. In fact, it may make it easier to apply balm to a very slightly damp beard. However, if it is very wet, make sure to towel dry it.

  2. Use a dime-size amount of beard balm

    Second, use the back of your thumbnail to scrape about a dime-size amount of balm out of your tin (or whatever container in which your balm comes). A quality balm will not be too firm nor gritty.

  3. Spread the beard balm

    Spread the balm in both hands and in between fingers, gently rubbing your hands and fingers together. The body heat from your hands and the friction from rubbing your hands together will warm the balm, causing it to melt.

  4. Apply evenly

    Apply the balm evenly, working from the outside toward the inside, and massage the balm into your skin. Don’t forget the healthier your skin, the healthier your beard will be.

  5. Spread with your fingers

    Run your fingers through your beard to spread the balm evenly and take care not to forget your mustache

  6. Brush and comb it out

    Finally, once the balm is applied, use a good, big-tooth comb to brush and style your beard

Can It Damage a Beard?

Unfortunately, low-quality balms made with artificial ingredients and harsh chemicals can damage your beard and skin over time. Above all, make sure you find a high-quality beard balm made with natural ingredients, like Beard Balm by Mossy Beard. Our beard care products are crafted with all-natural, organic ingredients that will help keep your beard and skin healthy, thereby helping your beard grow and look incredible. Remember, a healthy beard is a growing beard!

What is the Best Beard Balm Available?

Now that you know how to easily apply product to your beard, the real question is what is the best product to use? Mossy Beard has tested and tried countless products in our own search for the perfect product that would hydrate and protect our beard while also helping it grow to its full potential, and eventually we settled on making our own. We simply could not find another quality product on the market that was 100% natural and organic, but also helped shape and hold our beard. Therefore, if you are interested in the best product around, we encourage you to try ours.

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