How to us beard balm

How to use beard balm is a common question men ask when deciding on the best beard care regime for their beard. Beard balm is beneficial to a growing beard for many reasons. Beard balm helps keep your beard clean, and it also protects your beard from harsh chemical and factors in the environment.

Before we tackle how to use beard balm, let’s examine what beard balm is and how it can fit into your beard care regime.

What is Beard Balm?

Beard balm is great product for men regardless if you have a long beard or if your beard is short. Most beard balm is made with three main categories of ingredients:

  • A butter, like Shea butter or cocoa butter. This makes the beard balm easy to apply and delivers many of the nutrients and hydrating moisture associated with beard balm.
  • Beeswax. This beard balm ingredient gives beard balm its firmness. It also provides a protective layer around each beard follicle, locking in hydration and blocking out harsh chemical and debris.
  • Carrier oils. Carrier oils also help hydrate and nourish beards by augmenting naturally produced oils and replacing natural oils as your beard grows in size.

Additionally, most beard balms also include essential oils in their ingredients list. Essential oils deliver moisturizing oils that replenish the natural oils found in beards. They also often include a pleasant aroma, and scents can be combined for some unique blends. 

Typically beard balm is somewhat firm to the touch, but not too hard. At room temperature beard balm takes on a solid consistency, but at warmer temperatures, like body temperature, beard balm transforms to a liquid consistency. This helps apply the beard balm throughout your beard.

Looking for a Beard Balm Recipe? Check out “Beard Balm Recipe You Can Make Yourself.

Benefits of Beard Balm

Now that you know what is beard balm, the next local question is why even use beard balm at all. There are six main reasons to use beard balm we should examine before we consider how to use beard balm.

Beard Balm Helps with Beardruff (Dandruff in your Beard)

One of the biggest problems men face with their beard is beard dandruff, also known as beardruff. Beardruff is very similar to dandruff on your head. But instead of dead skin from your head, it’s dead skin from your face. Regular dandruff shampoo seems like a logical solution, but it is made for the hair found on your head, not your face. The best way to prevent beadruff is to prevent the dead, flaking skin cells from forming under your beard. To do this, drink plenty of water. This keeps you hydrated, which helps keep your skin moisturized. Beard balm also adds a protective layer over your beard and mustache. By coating your skin with a thin layer of beeswax, beard balm protects your skin and helps keep it hydrated. This protective layer helps retain moisture in your face, thereby reducing beardruff.

Beard Balm Prevents the Dreaded Beard Itch

Beard itch can strike at any time, not just when initially growing out your beard. Any man who has grown a beard knows it can get really, really itchy from time to time. Again, this is common (and especially irritating) the first 2 to 4 weeks of beard growth. In fact, most men refer to this period as the “itchy beard stage.” Beard itch is often caused by dry, sharp beard hairs poking at your skin. Beard oil can often help with beard itch, and you should definitely try some. Beard oil will help soften your beard hairs, minimizing itch. And if you want to maintain soft beard whiskers, beard balm will help with that. Beard balm locks in the moisture from the beard oil. So use beard balm right after applying beard oil to relieve itchiness.

Beard Balm Can Add Volume to Your Beard

For some men, being able to grow a beard is just part of the challenge. They may be able to grow a beard, but it may seem “thin” or patchy. Some even consider a think beard worse than not having a beard at all. Luckily, beard balm can help with this problem. Beard balm will not magically make your beard thicker or fuller, but it can help add volume to your beard, making it appear thicker. Beard balm contains high amounts of beeswax, cocoa butter and Shea butter, all of which are quite thick.  All three ingredients can add volume and weight to your beard. Your beard often naturally appears thickest right after washing it, so apply the beard balm soon after that. The beard balm will seal in the moisture and makes your beard appear thicker.

Beard Balm Protects Your Beard from the Elements

Believe it or not, your facial hair is vulnerable to the elements. This can include exposure to cold air, excessive sun exposure, humidity and other elements. Exposure to less-than-ideal conditions can lead to protein loss, as well damage to the actual beard whiskers. Thankfully, beard balm protects your beard from harsh elements. How? The beeswax found in beard balm provides a protective layer around each beard hair. In addition, the carrier oils nourish the skin underneath. This way, beard balm shields your beard and face from the cold and harmful UV rays. As a bonus, the beard balm locks in the moisture, preventing frizz and flyaway hairs when the air is very humid.

Beard Balm Helps Style and Tame Your Beard

Beard balm is the go-to product when it comes to beard styling. This is because the weight provided by quality beard balms keeps your beard in place. When added to your beard styling routine beard balm can return your messy beard to tip-top condition. The level of hold and style a simple beard balm provides will surprise you.

Beard Balm Gives Your Beard a Healthier Look

Using beard balm gives your beard a healthier, more colorful and vibrant appearance. Natural ingredients, like beeswax, Shea and cocoa better and carrier oils, contain light-reflecting properties. These properties can transform your beard from boring to beautiful.

How to Use Beard Balm instead of Beard Oil

At this point how to use beard balm may be a secondary question. You may be asking “should I use beard balm instead of beard oil?” Beard balm and beard oil each play different roles in a full beard care regime. It really depends on the needs of your beard, but the short answer is to use both. Beard balm and beard oil both help moisturize your skin, with some subtle differences.

Role of Beard Oil

Best practice is to use beard oil as a daily moisturizer. Almost like a leave-in conditioner. High-quality beard oils moisturize the skin below your beard, hydrate your beard and softens facial hair. This all reduces itching and makes the skin under your beard healthier. Remember to use a high-quality beard oil, which will leave your face hydrated and not greasy.

Role of Beard Balm

While beard oil moisturizes and hydrates, beard balm acts like an all-in-one beard moisturizer, beard conditioner and styling aid. Beard balm is especially helpful for men who want their beards to look thicker. Shea butter coats your hair follicles, making it thicker. Beard balm also provides hold and volume to your beard, which help with shaping and control. Just be aware that beard balms that contain synthetic sealants, such as petroleum jelly may irritate your skin. They can also actually damage your facial hair. Look for high-quality beard balms that contain natural ingredients. Look for shea butter and beeswax, both of which are all-natural ingredients. Instead of damaging your beard, natural ingredients will moisturize and promote beard growth.

Some Great Beard Oils

If you decide to incorporate beard oil into your beard care regime, here are some great beard oils to consider. Also be sure to check out the Mossy Beard Beard Oils Page for up-to-date recommendations.

Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil || How to Use Beard Balm

Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil 2oz

  • Hand Crafted in the USA
  • Organic Virgin Argan, Golden Jojoba and 6 More Premium Hydrating Oils
  • All Natural and Organic Ingredients
  • Softens Beard and Conditions Skin
YOOBEAUL Beard Growth Oil || How to Use Beard Balm

YOOBEAUL Beard Growth Serum

  • Nourishes your beard and helps it grow at an optimal rate
  • Designed for all beard types, regardless of ethnicity or if your beard is thick, straight, fine, wavy, coarse or curly
  • Scientifically designed beard growth supplement helps achieve the beard of your dreams
  • Working as a softener and conditioner at the same time, this great beard oil offers deep moisturizing, curing your brittle, weak and scratchy beard
  • Natural Ingredients – 100% natural, vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free
Viking Revolution Beard Oil || How to Use Beard Balm

Viking Revolution Beard Oil

  • All natural sandalwood scent with argan & jojoba oils
  • Softens & strengthens beards and mustaches
  • Soothe itchy and irritated skin with a just a few drops a day
  • 100% natural – strengthens facial hair & helps avoid thin patches
  • Tame stubborn facial hair – Have a manageable, frizz-free beard that is soft & smooth to the touch

How to Use Beard Balm with Longer Beards

Some men think beard balm is only useful for those with long, full beards, but beard balm is also useful for men with shorter beards. Longer beards benefit most from the nourishment and protection offered by beard balm. The natural butters and essential oils found in beard balm deliver the nutrients growing beards need to remain healthy. Beard balms will help keep your longer beard healthy and avoid dry beards with split ends.

How to Use Beard Balm with Shorter Beards

Men with shorter beards can also benefit from using beard balm. Shorter beards tend to be harder to style, so shorter beards benefit more from the weight beard balm provides. By adding some beard balm to a short beard, you make it easier to manage, style and train your beard to the beard style you want. Flyaways are also easier to manage with beard balm.

When is the Best Time to Use Beard Balm?

So if your question surround when to use beard balm rather than how to use beard balm, there are two ways to look at when deciding the best time to use beard balm. First, you can look at time of day. Beard balm helps nourish and style your beard, but also helps protect your beard by locking in moisture and locking out damaging chemicals and pollutants. That said, it is best to use beard balm early in your day when your beard is still nice and clean, before you step out for the day. That way the beard balm will protect your beard throughout your day.

The other way to look at when is the best time to use beard balm instead of how to use beard balm is based on activities. As briefly mentioned above, beard balm will help lock in nourishing oils and nutrients, and it will help lock out damaging pollutants. In this regard, the best time to use beard balm is when your beard is clean and hydrated, before you step out for the day. Right after a shower is a natural time to use beard balm.

How to Use Beard Balm after a Shower (or Bath)

As mentioned above, one of the best times to use beard balm is right after a shower. If you prefer baths, that works too. The reason this is one of the best times to use beard balm is because right after a shower or bath your beard is hydrated and clean. Just importantly, your face is also clean. We recommend a good beard wash to help clean your beard.

For best results, first comb or brush out your beard to detangle your beard. Then, apply a small amount of beard oil to your face before applying beard balm. Beard oil will infuse your beard with natural oils that will help keep your beard hydrated throughout the day. In addition, beard oil will moisturize your face under your beard, keeping your face hydrated, which will help avoid beard itch and beardruff.

Steps on How to Use Beard Balm

Here are the steps on how to use beard balm on your beard easily and quickly.

How to Use Beard Balm Prep

  1. Start with a clean, tangle-free beard. If you are showering, use a quality beard wash to remove any debris and damaging chemicals from other cleaners or the environment. A good beard wash will clean your beard and also not strip your beard of its natural oils.
  2. Dry your beard first. Consider using a hair dryer at its lowest setting. Depending on the length of your beard, comb out your beard. The goal here is not to style your beard, but rather remove any tangles and any residual debris. Avoid a brush as this step, though, to make sure you do not pull out any beard hairs.
  3. For best results, apply a small amount of beard oil to your beard. Beard oil will help infuse your beard with oils that keep your beard healthy and hydrated, and a quality beard oil will replenish natural oils produced by your face.

On to the Beard Balm

  1. Now for the beard balm! Most beard balms, like Mossy Beard Balm, come in a tin.  Some beard balms are firmer than others, but a good beard balm is neither creamy nor hard. As a first step, simply open up your container (and enjoy the fragrance).
  2. Next, use your finger or nail to scrap a bit of balm out of the container. Depending on the length and thickness of your beard, the amount of balm you need may vary. As a good rule of thumb, use about a dime-sized amount. Remember, you can always apply more if you need it, so start small.
  3. Beard balm is firm at room temperature, but its constituent parts basically melt just below body temperature. So gently rub your hands to spread and melt the balm you scraped out of your tin. The natural heat from your hands will melt the balm, so no need to rub vigorously. Make sure to spread the balm throughout your palms.
  4. Start from the outside and progress into your beard. Work the melted beard balm into your beard. Don’t go directly into the thickest part of your beard, though. Get beard balm on the surface of your beard, especially on your moustache and around your mouth, and then work the balm into your beard.
  5. Run your fingers through your beard to get all that beard balm in there. As an added benefit, you’ll work out any tangles that developed while applying your balm. Now is the time to assess if you need more balm. If you do, just scrape a bit more out of your tin and apply as above.

Style your Beard like a Boss

  1. If you’re happy with your beard balm distribution and want a more casual look, feel free to stop here. But if you want to make sure your beard balm is distributed throughout your beard, use your beard comb to again remove tangles and more evenly distribute the beard balm. As a bonus, your beard balm will help style your beard here as your beard stays in place.
  2. After you have used your comb to set a general shape for your beard, use a beard brush to finalize your style. Put stray whiskers in place and take care of any trouble areas. You’ll be amazed at how well your beard will respond!
  3. That’s it on how to use beard balm. Now your beard is good to go. Enjoy. I hope this helps you apply your beard balm. As always, good products make the difference between a beard that is easy to manage and maintain verses a sloppy mess that can actually damage your beard over time. Always insist on natural and organic beard balm with the right ingredients to nourish, protect and style your beard. Mossy Beard offers a 100% organic and natural beard balm that smells great and won’t damage your beard or face, so please consider it when you need some beard balm.

How to Use Beard Balm and Other Tools to Maintain Your Beard

Maintaining a great beard goes beyond just using beard balm and beard oil. Having the right beard tools at your disposal is super important. Here is a curated list of the best beard care tools we have found.

You can find more info in our article, “Tools for Beards Top 10 That Keep Them Awesome.

How to Use Beard Balm by Mossy Beard

Beard Balm by Mossy Beard

  • 100% natural and organic
  • Moisturizes, nourishes and protects your beard so it grows
  • Adds hold to your beard to make styling easier
  • Attractive 2-oz tin
Beard Comb

2.8″ Pocket Beard Comb by Kent

  • Handmade, fine-tooth beard and mustache straightening comb complements any man’s beard grooming kit
  • Hand polished and buffed to create soft, rounded teeth that will stimulate your skin
  • Microscopically smooth teeth stimulate the natural oil inside the hair cuticles as your beard is combed
  • Handmade from cellulose acetate, which creates less static and will not pull or snag hair follicles
Beard Brush

Wahl Beard Brush with 100% Boar Bristles

  • 100% boar bristle applies balms, creams, & oils far better than synthetic bristles
  • Best for any length beard and is made of real, premium wood
  • Aromatic scent that doesn’t overpower
Beard Dryer

REVLON Hair & Beard Dryer

  • Black
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • 2 heat/speed settings for drying and styling flexibility and control
  • Cool shot button

How Much Balm to Use

The ideal amount of balm is truly subjective, based on your own preferences. The best way to find the right amount for you is through trial and error. Likewise, you don’t need to aimlessly try different amounts of balm until you find the right amount for your facial hair. A small, dime-sized blob is the perfect quantity to apply on your beard to start. Besides, you can add more if needed.

Should You Make Your Own Beard Balm?

Making your own beard balm from natural ingredients you know are healthy and won’t damage your beard is a natural inclination. We went down the same route at Mossy Beard because we could not find quality beard balm that was 100% natural and organic. As a result, we’ve made available an easy beard balm recipe for do-it-yourselfers. Or, if you prefer not to have to deal with the mess and waste associated with making your own beard balm, feel free to check out our recommended products, including Beard Balm by Mossy Beard. It’s the best product on the market, and it is guaranteed to satisfy.

Can Beard Balm Damage a Beard?

Unfortunately, low-quality balms made with artificial ingredients and harsh chemicals can damage your beard and skin over time. Above all, make sure you find a high-quality beard balm made with natural ingredients, like Beard Balm by Mossy Beard. Our beard care products are crafted with all-natural, organic ingredients that will help keep your beard and skin healthy, thereby helping your beard grow and look incredible. Remember, a healthy beard is a growing beard!

How to Use Beard Balm Conclusion

Beard balm is a great tool for men growing their beards. It doesn’t matter if your beard is short or long, beard balm has a place in your beard care regime. Using beard balm is pretty straightforward, but the tips we provided will help get the most out of your beard balm.

A quality beard balm can make your beard smell, look and feel spectacular. You will experience less flaking and itching as your skin absorbs the beard balm. In addition, a good beard balm will help you groom your beard, adding weight, firmness and hold. It will help maintain the overall health of your beard. If possible, include it in your daily beard maintenance. The right beard balm acts like an apple a day for your face!

Other Helpful Beard Care Articles

Now that you have a good handle on how to use beard balm, make sure you check out these other articles to help you grow and care for your beard.

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