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Considering a beard brush vs comb? While many think of a good beard balm or beard oil as the first and only step in beard grooming, the use of a good beard brush or comb trumps either of those. Good, high-quality beard tools help keep your beard in tiptop shape in many ways. They can help just about any beard look clean and styled. Above all, a properly groomed beard will grow better and will result in less irritation as it grows.

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Above all, you have to have a great beard brush vs comb (or both) in your beard-care arsenal. While you’re growing and nurturing your beard to its awesome potential, your whiskers will grow increasingly wild and unruly. Therefore, investing in quality beard tools will have a significant impact in your beard’s overall health.

You can choose from assortment of choices of materials for your beard comb or brush, including wood, steel, or even bull horn. And some brushes and combs have cool features, like pocket combs and brushes. Pick from collapsing brushes, switchblade combs, and even wallet-sized brushes and combs.

Beard oils, beard balms, and beard waxes are great products to use for your beard. However, without a proper tool to shape your beard and tame those wild hairs to the style you want, your facial hair will at best look messy. That’s why maintaining your beard and mustache should not be ignored. Using a beard comb or beard brush, alongside beard oils, beard balms and beard waxes will help give you beard that extra boost it needs.

Beard Brush vs Comb: Top 5 Things to Look for

The value of a good, quality beard brush vs comb goes without saying. So let’s take a look at five things to consider when shopping for a beard brush or beard comb.

1. Beard Brush vs Comb Material

The main differentiation between your beard brush vs comb will be the material. You can choose from a low-cost beard brush or beard comb made of plastic verses more expensive wooden beard brush or beard comb. Deciding on the right material for you will have the most impact on the quality and cost of the comb or brush you ultimately choose.

But don’t immediately go for the cheap option. A low-quality, shabby beard brush or comb can damage the beard you are working so hard to grow and maintain. They can pull and potentially shred your facial hair. Poorly made tools may have tiny spiked parts between every tooth of the comb or brush since they are usually mass produced in a factory. These little uneven parts will pull on your whiskers and thin out your valuable facial hair by the bunch. This in could in turn lead to thin facial hair and static electricity to build up in your mustache and beard,  with can be a giant headache. For this reason, stick to high-quality brushes and combs. The small incremental upfront cost is worth it in the long run.

Common beard brush and beard comb materials are:


As a matter of first importance, many beard oils, beard balms, and beard brushes vs combs contain sandalwood. The unshaven network favors sandalwood the most, no doubt.. The fragrance of this wooden brush stands out. The wood smells smooth and sweet and holds an unpretentious smoke and zest to it. It’s very relaxing to smell its fragrance as you groom your beard or mustache in the first part of your day. It makes prepping feel like a reward for having a majestic beard, rather than just another task.

The typical thickness of sandalwood brushes and combs allow them to act as “massagers” for the face and scalp, which can reinforce hair follicles and really accelerate facial hair development by invigorating blood flow. It can also groom without tangling or creating static electricity. Sandalwood also collects and distributes oils throughout your hair follicles, giving decent protection from external harm.

Plastic (cellulose acetate plastic)

This doesn’t have to mean the destructive, shoddy sort of plastic you may be picturing in your head. Instead, this material glides through your facial hair without the destructive impact of second-rate plastic brushes. Damaging acids are ordinarily removed from these quality combs and brushes during the manufacturing process. Their edges are normally inclined, adjusted, and cleaned to ensure none of the teeth have minute rugged edges. This protects your facial hair from being pulled out.

You can’t generally go wrong with a good-quality plastic beard brush or beard comb. It’ll take care of business. However, some men find them somewhat uninteresting.

Buffalo Ox Horn

In contrast to some shoddy plastic brushes, bull horn brushes don’t trap electric charges, and consequently don’t produce destructive static when brushing your facial hair. Bull horns additionally contain keratin, a protein found in human hair and skin that shields epithelial cells (types of cells found throughout your body) from harm and stress.

This molecular difference is the reason buffalo ox horn brushes and combs do not stick on to the hair’s surface, resulting in a tangle-free beard or mustache. Bull horn brushes come in an assortment of hues, like light yellow, black, and any blend in between.

2. Teeth Size

Long, short, pointed, adjusted, wide tooth, fine tooth. You can choose from a plethora of teeth sizes. However, how you consider this factor should really depend on the condition of your facial hair. Are your beard and mustache wild? Thick or flimsy? Long or short? How “prepared and clean” do you need your facial hair to look?

For the most part, keep your distance from brushes with a “pick-like” point as this can be uncomfortable (and even painful). In addition, they can potentially harm your skin and hair. Smooth, even and rounded teeth are usually the best.

  1. Wide tooth is usually better for men with huge beards and moustaches (1 year to multi-year length). An excessively fine-tooth brush or comb can catch and pull longer facial hair. However, a somewhat finer-tooth brush or comb can leave your whiskers looking a lot straighter and better than a wide-tooth brush or comb.
  2. Fine-toothed brushes and combs are ideal for beginner/short facial hair and men simply searching for a well-kept and business-like unshaven appearance. The finer the tooth, the straighter the result.
  3. Medium-tooth combs and brushes are the “can’t turn out badly” choice for any situation. Medium-tooth combs and brushes will prep and mellow facial hair without it looking “excessively prepared.” It’s a good compromise between the needs of huge whiskers with beards not quite there yet. And an ideal decision for short-to-medium facial hair.

3. Absorption and Distribution of Oils

One of the cool benefits of some brush materials is they can act as beard and mustache conditioners due to their ability to gather oils and redistribute them evenly throughout your beard or mustache. Dry, flaky whiskers are the exact opposite thing you need, so this property can help moisturize, saturate and protect the hairs, which in turn can have a HUGE effect! When you combine a quality brush or comb with a quality beard oil or beard balm, your whiskers benefit the most.

Specifically, a wooden brush or comb has these benefits:

  • Capacity to ingest facial hair oils/emollients to redistribute along your whiskers.
  • Ability to collect beard oils and make an exceptionally rich aroma that is instilled into the brush. This will make your facial hair brush have a punch of identity.
  • Agreeable and pleasant feel in the hand. Impeccable size, versatile, ergonomic. This brush “just feels right” when prepping toward the beginning of the day.
  • Finish and craftsmanship. Does the brush have a polished or matte finish? Does it work through your facial hair without pulling out hair or tangling?

4. Hand-Crafted versus Machine

As we’ve referenced previously, low-quality combs and brushes tend to have tiny rugged edges along the teeth of the brush. This is another factor to search for while picking razors; spiked edges can damage your hair and skin. This is because of large-scale manufacturing from huge, industrial machines, which are then printed and stamped on substantial sheets. These stamped combs are then cut from the sheets.

While this process is common in manufacturing (saves time and money), this procedure leaves modest hints of sharp uneven edges in the teeth that can gradually tear out of your facial hair, follicle by follicle. A little while later, you’ll discover many hairs gathering in the sink. Try not to commit that error!

5. Strength and Durability

A fantastic beard comb or brush will last quite a while. The material of the brush will most impact how long the comb or brush will you. Regardless, how you take care of your comb and brush will also have a big impact on how long it lasts. For example, if you constantly drop your comb or brush, sit with it in your back pocket, or are generally thoughtless concerning its care, you can greatly decrease your beard comb or beard brush’s life span. As a general rule, keep your beard comb and beard brush away being overexposed to daylight and or saturated in water.

Water can be a particular problem for wooden combs and brushes. Wooden beard combs and beard brushes can be absorbent, and water can destroy the life span of your brush or comb. Water can cause the brush to swell up or splinter. Not good! If your comb or brush need a good cleaning, try a damp towel to clear off any debris. You can even use your brush to clean the teeth of your comb if needed.

To extend the life of a wooden beard comb or beard brush, use a little extra carrier oil, such as Jojoba or Argan Oil, on the wood to recondition it. As an added bonus, the extra carrier oil will make its way to your mustache or beard.

What’s the Best Beard Brush vs Comb?

Ultimately, what is considered the “best” beard brush vs comb depends on your own preferences and style. You are also the one best able to tell what your beard needs. In short, picking the perfect personal beard brush or comb starts first with understanding what the benefits of a high-quality tool are verses the potentially damaging effects of a lower-quality comb or brush.

Regardless of your choice, a good quality beard balm is essential to maintaining your beard. Be sure to only use beard balm with 100% natural and organic ingredients, like Beard Balm by Mossy Beard. We humbly believe you will find nothing better. 

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Top Beard Brush vs Comb Picks

Whether you decide between a beard brush vs comb (or both), we have a couple of recommendations to make selecting a quality tool easier. Feel free to check these quality, inexpensive beard tools out and let us know how you like them.

Beard Brush

Wahl Beard Brush with 100% Boar Bristles

Certainly, Wahl is a standard in hair and beard tools, and this beard brush features 100% natural, firm boar bristles that make styling your beard easy. Similarly, it has a real wood handle so it is easy to use and feels great in your hand. Check it out on Amazon and get free shipping and free returns if you are not 100% satisfied.

Beard Comb

2.8″ Pocket Beard Comb by Kent

Handmade, fine-tooth beard and mustache straightening comb complements any man’s beard grooming kit. Hand polished and buffed to create soft, rounded teeth that will stimulate your skin. Microscopically smooth teeth stimulate the natural oil inside the hair cuticles as your beard is combed. Handmade from cellulose acetate, which creates less static and will not pull or snag hair follicles.



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