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Once you grow your beard to a certain length, you’ll ask “How Often Should You Wash Your Beard?” Keeping your beard nice and clean involves more than just brushing out crumbs and avoiding soup! All kidding aside, you know what kills your beard? Products made for other types of hair and body parts, like shampoo and bar soap. It may be tempting to grab the shampoo bottle or the bar of soap sitting in your shower caddy, but both can harm your beard over time.

So before we examine how often should you wash your beard, let’s review some basic tips and questions.

Beard care products often perform a double duty (cleaning and styling), so let’s give them some break. To clean and maintain your beard the right way, you want a healthy beard grooming routine. But first, we want to cover some beard cleaning basics.

Can I Use Soap or Shampoo instead of Beard Wash?

Face wash is great stuff for your face, but it’s better to let the product do the work for which it is designed. Just like shampoo cleans the hair on your head, face wash cleans your face. And most shampoos contain cleaners and chemicals that may work well on your hair, but are harsh on your beard. Over time you may notice split ends in your beard, and your beard may become weak and brittle. Shampoos are better suited to your hair. Regular application to your beard and face can create itchiness and irritation.

Well-design beard product protect and nourish beards. They contain cleaners and nutrients that will remove residue and buildup while it cleans, and a good beard product will also moisturize and hydrate your beard and skin. In addition, a good beard was will leave your beard feeling light, silky and soft, and it will help cut down on beard itch. And some beard washes leave a pleasant aroma on your beard, making you feel and smell like a gentleman.

Beard Wash Usage

Great. You find the perfect product. Now what? You may be tempted to use that great new beard wash daily, but think again. You should not use it on your face every day. Regular usage of beard wash may cause irritation and dry skin, especially if you scrub too hard. It doesn’t matter if you have been growing your beard a month or a year, only wash your beard every couple of days (unless it needs it). And do not at any cost use washcloth on your face. Only use your hands when cleaning your beard.

What is the Beard Cleaning Process?

There is no rocket science involved in washing your beard. Whether you use a liquid or solid soap, just follow these steps.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to Wash Your Beard

  1. Get it wet

    Wet your beard nicely like you are washing your head.

  2. Use a small amount of beard wash

    If you are using a liquid beard wash, place a small amount on your palm. If you are using a bar of beard wash, simply lather up your hands with the appropriate amount of wash/foam. The amount should vary based on the length of your beard.

  3. Rub together

    Rub your hands together to spread the wash.

  4. Apply & lather

    Now apply the wash on your beard and rub it thoroughly. Ideally, you will see and feel the wash lather up your beard.

  5. Don’t miss a hair

    Make sure you reach the base of your beard follicle and let the wash rest on it. Wash the rest of your body so as to give the beard was an opportunity to settle in your beard.

  6. Rinse & Dry

    Rinse your beard thoroughly with clean, warm (not hot) water, and pat dry your beard after your bath or shower. Avoid vigorously drying your beard or using a hair dryer.

Keeping Your Beard Hawt

As with most good questions, the answer is nuanced. Try to avoid washing your beard daily, unless you tend to get it dirty every day. And when you do clean it, use quality products to keep your beard healthy. I hope this article provided some insight on how to keep you beard clean and looking great. Keep coming back to to find new article. We are also working on making a high-quality beard wash available in the next few month, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you are informed as soon as it is ready.

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